Green Cleaning Technology

by Eric's Garden

About us

EOSWater, Ecological OSmose Water, founded by Geert Michiels in 2015 knew a rapid success due to punctuality and the quality of window cleaning. At the end of 2016, given the evolution of his career, Geert Michiels no longer had enough time to manage his window cleaning activities on his own. He discussed this with Eric Hupin, the manager of Eric’s Garden, indicating that he would like to ensure the continuity of a quality window cleaning service. Together they came to a friendly agreement following which:

  • As from 1st February 2017, the services of EOSWater are provided by Eric’s Garden
  • As of April 2017, the activity benefits from a high-tech investment: mobile equipment producing osmosed water in ultra-pure version. This material provides customers with significant added value in terms of efficiency and cleaning performance: clearness, cleanliness, quality of window cleaning.

Welcome to EOSWater, the window cleaning of today and of tomorrow.

Professional service

  • better
  • cheaper
  • cleaner

Our main objective is to fulfil our customer’s needs. This is the reason why our values are better, cheaper & cleaner. We commit ourselves to provide a personalized service. Our goal is to make your life easier, ensuring your windows are clean and your home looks inviting all year long.

ionic vehicle mounted system


We employ the “Zero” technology by IonicSystems. This appliance has a 600L storage capacity of purified water and is integrated into our van. The ultra pure and warm water allows to dissolve any impurity, without adding any harmful chemicals.

" Ultra Pure Water "

Ultra pure water is water that is treated and filtered in order to make it as natural as possible. This perfectly clean water has important absorption capacities and does not leave any residues and therefore there is no need to either wipe or flush. Consequently, EOSWater is an ecological and economical solution.


EOSWater provides four different regular maintenance formulas: 4, 6, 9 or 12 visits a year. As our customer, you have access to all kind of other services such as terrace, wall and pathway maintenance.


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